Artist Statement
Creek Van Houten, Compass Rose Design
Industrial, Steampunk and Victorian Jewelry

San Anselmo, CA

I've been making jewelry and stained glass for the last fifteen years with vintage and found treasures. Collecting from family members and flea markets has been a lifelong tendency. I took apart my first stereo at age 7 and my first broken pocket watch at 9. In both cases, my goal was repair, but upon seeing the beautiful parts, I changed my mind. Both my father and grandfather were dentists who crafted jewelry as a hobby - I still use some of their tools.

After almost a decade of work in non-profits and then some PR and marketing, I moved to the Netherlands, where my mom grew up. After returning to California from Amsterdam with boxes of antique trinkets, I set up shop in our tiny San Francisco apartment to embark on the lifelong dream of working for myself. In 2009, I made the leap to become a full time crafter maker metal alchemist. My husband Johnny and I now live and work together in our beautiful house in San Anselmo.

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